Its been a traumatic day for me. One the drive to meet a friend for lunch, I heard on the radio that Big Tex, the huge talking statue/greeter at the state fair caught fire and burned. He was 60 this year, they celebrated his b’day at the fair. I know he was a metal frame with fiberglass head and hands, but he was the essence of the fair. The videos were horrible, like watching your Barbies or some other important part of childhood destroyed. 

I had a bowl of enchilada soup at Chili’s, have you ever eaten it? When I worked, My Beloved and I would stop at Chili’s sometimes 2 or 3 times a week and most of the time I’d have that soup and a salad. I even found a cookbook with knockoff recipes from restaurants that contained the recipe so I could make it at home.  I also munched on an appetizer platter that has the fried onion strings and fried jalapeño slices. I am in heaven!

I brought back another load of artwork. By artwork, I basically mean anything I decorated with or hung on the walls. Not like Picasso’s or anything, just inexpensive prints, plates, sconces, etc…  I only have 5 actual canvas paintings, and none are expensive. Two are my mom’s paintings of bluebonnets and the others are just small paintings I’ve bought along the way. So now I have a shitload of “art” in my guest bedroom to “shop” from on an effort to get some interior decor up on the walls. I’m appointing you my “art monitor”; it’s now your responsibility to nag me until I get it put up. Haha. I am the worst procrastinator in the world. I’m just too unsure how to display the things I love. I have quite an ecclectic mix, my taste varies do much. Remember the 1970’s book/movie “Sybil” about the woman with multiple personalities? Well, it looks like she shopped for me, i have so much crazy stuff!  

Gotta go for now, we’re building a fire on the fire pit and cooking hot dogs for dinner. I am going to stuff the rest of the jalapeños and cook them over the fire too. Hope we don’t go up
in flames like Big Tex!